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It was an usual day in Gekido city when Hatsune Miku was out shopping at the mall.
She was humming on a song called "Melt" by supercell and she always had a good smile on things that she really likes.
Suddenly she thought that a portal opened in front of her and a shadowy figure was coming out of it, and then disappeared in another portal that just opened as the figure jumped right into the wall.
Miku stood surprisingly shocked when she saw what was going on. Who is that figure?

Suddenly, another figure came out of the same portal. But, the figure wasn´t shadowy. The figure had black hair, two piggy tails with different lenght, wearing a long jacket, black shoes, black shorts and black bikini top. Miku recognized that figure: It was Black Rock Shooter!
BRS turned her head to Miku.

"Did you see where she went?", BRS asked.

"Who do you mean?", Miku asked.

"I´m chasing Dead Master. Did you see where she was going?", BRS asked again.

"I don´t know, but I saw a shadowy figure jump into a portal on a wall", Miku answered.

BRS looked down at the wall and saw a portal on it. She ran towards it and was about to jump into it when Miku ran after her.

"Wait! Where are you going??", Miku shouted as she followed BRS into the portal.

As Miku entered the portal, she felt like she´s swirling around in circles. Where does the portal take her to, and what lies ahead? She didn´t have time to think when she finally came out from a portal set up in another world. As she stood up, she could see BRS standing on a green grass in a toon-like world she has never been in.

"What is this place?", Miku wondered as she approach to BRS.

"Why did you follow me?", BRS asked Miku.

"I´m sorry... I was just curious of what´s going on...", Miku said.

As they both walked together on the plains to find another portal, they suddenly met up with an ant-eater with glasses and pens in a pocket on it´s body.

"Hello! Have I seen you guys before?", the Ant-eater asked.

"Oh please, don´t tell me there are talking animals in this world...?", BRS sighed with doubts.

"Black Rock, that wasn´t a nice thing to say!", Miku said. "Sorry about my friend here... Hehehe...! But no, I haven´t seen you before either. What is this place?", Miku said to the Ant-eater.

"This is Happy Tree World!", the Ant-eater said.

"Hmm... I guess it´s a world full of sugary of happiness, cute-looking creatures in a childrens show and lots and lots of tree-huggers, isn´t it?", BRS asked.

"I´m afraid it´s actually not that child-friendly, if you have to ask me, Sniffles", the Ant-eater said.

"Maybe you can show us around?" Miku asked Sniffles.

"Sure! I would definitely like to guide you girls to Happy Tree Town nearby!", Sniffles said with a bit of a nerdy smile.

"I just hope it´s not gonna be anything worse...", BRS thought to herself.

As they reached the Happy Tree Town, it was full of characters on a rush. Then, Miku saw something that she somehow recognized somewhere. The character was a fox with brown hair, blue shirt and gray trousers. It was Twisty, The fox!

"Hi Twisty!", Miku shouted!

"Huh?", Twisty said confused as he turned around to see where the shout came from. Then he saw Miku waving with her hand in the air and approach Miku with a surprised expression.

"What are you doing here in Happy Tree World?", Twisty asked Miku.

"Oh! I just followed my friend Black Rock Shooter into a portal to here", Miku explained.

"Wait... Do you know this character?", BRS asked Miku.

"Yes, I helped dressing him for a party", Miku said with a smile.

"But hey, there´s gonna be a concert with the Happy Tree Band at the stage outside Happy Tree Town. Would you like to come?", Twisty asked.

"I don´t know, but I have to...", BRS said as she got interrupted by Miku.

"Yes, sure we would like to!", Miku said with excitement. "Come on Black Rock! Let´s go!"

"But, Miku...!", BRS said with a confused expression as she gets dragged by Miku to the concert.

When they arrived at the concert, the whole place was crowded with characters that are eagerly waiting for the concert to begin. As Twisty, Miku and BRS found a spot to sit, a light-purple beaver next to Twisty turned his head towards him.

"Hey, Twisty! Who are these people?", the beaver asked.

"Hello Toothy! These are my friends Black Rock Shooter and Hatsune Miku.", Twisty said.

"Oh, but they´re not Happy Tree Friends characters, right?", Toothy asked.

"Nope, but they sure are welcome.", Twisty said with a smile.

"Shh... The concert begins!", Miku said.

BRS didn´t say a word.  She had doubts wether the concert is gonna be great or embarassing. She still had to chase Dead Master, but instead she had to get along not to disappoint anyone, especially Miku, for she knows what Miku can do to those who disappoints her.
As the curtain begins to roll off, the Happy Tree Band appeared. The members of the band are Lumpy, a blue moose who´s the lead guitarist in the band, Russle, a pirate otter who´s the basist, Handy, a brown-orange beaver with workers hat and tools who´s the drummer, and  Cuddles, a yellow rabbit with pink slippers who´s the main singer and co-guitarist.
Everyone in the crowd applauded with a force of joy, especially a pink chipmunk named Giggles who loves Cuddles very much.
Even Twisty and Miku was overjoyed of it, but as BRS saw the memebers of the band she feels like she´s getting a lump in her throat.

"I hope it´s NOT gonna be a kid´s song they are playing...", she thought of herself.

Before the band begins to play, Lumpy presented themselves:

"Ladies and gentlemen! We are the Happy Tree Band!"

Everyone gave them a big applaud.

"Tonight´s concert will be out of the extra-ordinary! And aslo, I seem to see other people than just the Happy Tree Friends characters!", Lumpy said, pointing at Miku and BRS.

BRS felt embarassed, but Miku was excited that she raised up BRS hand and waved it. BRS felt more embarassed, but tried to stay calm and smile. The Happy Tree Friends characters gave both Miku and BRS applauses, especially Twisty.

"They seem to like you!", Twisty said happily.

Then, it was Cuddles turn to talk.

"The first song we gonna perform is a love song that I wrote myself, devoted to Giggles", Cuddles said.

Giggles fell deeply in love as he mentioned her name.

"Oh please, don´t tell me he´s gonna sing...!", BRS said to herself with embarassment.

The band began to play and Cuddles began to sing. Cuddles voice sounded pretty clear and soothing in the crowds ears and the crowd began to wave their arms slowly in the air to the music. The secret of Cuddles´ song was that it was been pre-recorded by Sniffles, now in charge as a soundtester at a soundboard behind the scene, so it sounded like Cuddles was singing, making Cuddles mime to the song instead of actually singing it. But the crowd doesn´t seem to notice the difference.

As the song was over, the crowd applauded with a wonderous joy, and Giggles threw a rose to Cuddles.

"Aah... So wonderful!", Miku said.

"I did not understand much of what that bunny actually was singing about...", BRS said with a doubtful expression.

"It´s about a lost love found again, but it´s not that necessary to know the text." Twisty said to BRS.

Then Lumpy grabbed the microphone.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! And now, our next song is a song written and sung by myself!", Lumpy said.

"Oh geez, here we go again...", BRS said.

The band began to play Lumpy´s song. Russle rocked pretty good, but didn´t notice he spilled a glass of water on one of the boom-boxes that creates electricity reaching out on Russles guitar, making it buzz a bit.

"Yarr...?" Russle said, but he didn´t think clearely enough until he got electrocuted to death by the electricity caused by the water.

The other members in the band didn´t care much, but Sniffles had to do something to save the band. But he didn´t notice a banana split on the floor and tripped over it and landed backward on the soundboard, pressing the blinking light button.
The lights on the stage were now blinking, but Handy couldn´t handle all those blinking colors and begin to have epileptical-attack, making him foam and shake recklessly.
As Sniffles woke up, he noticed his tongue got stuck in the band roller and couldn´t get out. He tried his best to get his tongue out of there, but the more it rolled in, the more he got stuck, making him press a button with his left foot that sped up the music.
Lumpy got surprisingly confused and began to strum on his guitar faster and faster, making him slice off his arms in the process. Sniffles in other hands was still stuck with his tongue on the band roller that it instead ripped out, first his tongue, his brain, his spines, his ribs and his guts, leaving nothing but skin and gore on the floor as the rest was still spinning with the band roller.
Then the part of the guts on the roller hit the sound volume on the board on highest level. As Cuddles begin to sing as well, the sound went too high, leaving the crowd with exploded heads, ear-shattered ears and Lumpy went *spat!* appart.
As the sound finally stopped, the whole crowd were dead or left deaf in a pool of gore and mashed heads. Even Twisty´s ears was shattered by the high sound.
Only BRS and Miku were the only ones who made it through the mess.

"That was TERRIBLE! Don´t they know the stage security here!?"; Miku said with a shock.

"What the heck...? Maybe it wasn´t as child-friendly as it was after all. I quite enjoyed the whole thing in this world", BRS said, leaving a sudden smile on her face.

"Huh!? I can´t hear you! What did you say!?", Twisty said due to bleeding ears.

Suddenly, another portal opened and the same shadowy figure came out from it. As BRS looked closely at the figure, it was no doubt about it; Dead Master came out from the portal and made another one as she saw BRS.

"I need to go! I´m going after Dead Master!", BRS said and made a pursuit right into the portal Dead Master went into.

"Wait for me, Black Rock!", Miku said, but she went into the wrong portal.

As Twisty saw both Miku and BRS disappearing in each portal, he said:

"Aw, great... Where´s a medic when I needed one?"

But he didn´t act fast, and probably didn´t hear much due to bleeding ears, as the stage suddenly exploded and a boom box flew right onto Twisty´s head and killed him.

In Gekido city´s shopping mall, a portal opened up and Miku flew out of it, landing on her bottom.
As the portal disappeared, she stood up but couldn´t see BRS anywhere. Then, Kaito appeared.

"Hello Miku! What´s with all that red stuff on your clothes?", Kaito asked.

Miku looked down and noticed that some parts on her clothes was still dyed with the gore from the failed concert in Happy Tree World. But, she didn´t want to make Kaito worried.

"Oh, it´s just nothing. It´s a new fashion that I bought from a Halloween store.", Miku said to Kaito.

"Ah, I see...!", Kaito said with a rather confused, but excited expression. "Say, would you like to hang around with me and Twistermon for a while?", Kaito asked.

"Sure I´d like to!", Miku said with joy.

She didn´t want to tell Kaito about the incidence she had, but that will be her own little secret thing.

The End
Another Litherature that I came up with today.
I donīt know what just popped out of my head, but I guess I had to brainstorm alot to come up with this pretty weird, but funny story involving MMD and Happy Tree Friends.

Preview picture:
Hatsune Miku is (c) by Crypton Future Media (Model type: Lat)
Black Rock Shooter model is (c) by :iconr3flecti0nofdarkn3ss:
Twisty is drawn and (c) by me
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